Stuff... Thangs 2 is the second episode of the "Stuff... Thangs" series. It was released to Wootpie's channel on May 14th, 2017.


Morty spinning on a tire swing singing some random song with Taylor.

A 'partner' from Razzle-Dazzle Town brings up the name "NeedleDick"

Morty grabs out a Fiber 1 Bar while Rick panics.

Morty does Photosynthesis.

Morty is traveling on the train tracks trying to escape his idiot friends for unknown reasons. He begins to get tired after finding civilization and sends an "SOS" for the Meme Police at Kentucky Fried Lane in Baltimore, Maryland.

Morty thinks his alarm clock is possessed after it starts acting randomly.

Rick runs from Morty, the "Phone Thief".

Morty dances to some chill ass music, yo.

Morty sings "Hey Brother", starts doing a dance, and leans to jump into some water.

Rick almost drops his phone while hovering over the river.

Morty denies being a wizard.

Rick & Morty walk down some tracks, run on some tracks, then OH SHIT A TRAI--.

Rick sings "Hey brother" near a river, and leans to jump into it.

Rick & Morty talk about life after pointing out Saturn.



Wootpie as Rick Szhae

JimmyTheKid as Morty Szhae

Also Starring:

Taylor Wolfe as Taylor

Archive Footage as The Unknown Monster

Shitpost Contributors:

Wootpie & JimmyTheKid