The 10 Skits are a series of seemingly unrelated skits. Currently, there is no indication that they all fit together to form a story, but it was stated by Wootpie that they will all fit together to make a decipherable story. The series was supposed to all come together in a film (Entitled 10 Skits), however, the series will now be finished with the 10th skit, and everything will be wrapped up then.

The series follows (Unbeknownst to the viewers) Jonathan "Johnny" Shzae, Rick Szhae's twin brother in his crazy antics from 2013 to 2016, and then later in 2040. At first, it's a series of random videos that are seemingly unrelated, but it's later stated that the protagonist is crazy, and that's why he made those videos. The protagonist's identity remained a mystery, until the 10th Skit was released in 2018.